We do things a bit differently, and that's why we have succeeded!


In 2004, an urban planner-developer from Canada (Doug) and an Architect/Engineer & Developer from Mexico (Ari) met in Phoenix, Arizona to work on a cool and highly sustainable new community located in the southern Baja (Villages of Loreto Bay) 

They realized that their skills complemented each other and decided then that someday would like to work together on their own projects. Seven years later they both moved their families to Victoria, BC and did just that. 

Where we are now


We are a vertically integrated development company that can do from initial sketches to:

  • Engineering design.
  • Architectural drawings.
  • Rezoning & development 
  • Financial modeling.
  • Civil construction.

Where we are we going

Is time to stop thinking of our business as an entity, and think in the community as a responsibility. We want to become a 100% sustainable construction and give back in many ways. 

Our Beliefs


We are looking to build a transparent and open partnership with our customers, providing value-added construction services and innovative solutions to optimize their resources, minimize the duration of the project, and maximize the net value of their investment.  


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a mutually beneficial relationship, where success not only should be shared but also should make a difference for our customers, employees and our sustainable community.  

 Scala Developments awards & publications

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